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Serious "Old World Wood-Fired" Brick Oven Apizza Napolitana



Est. 2002 Arlington, TX.


The Original Corky's "famous" Italian Restaurant, Inc.

Est. 1937 Hartford, CT. 


Welcome to our web site that Nick started in 1998. We are always updating this site and adding new information as well, so please stop by often.

This first page begins with our early years where it all began in Connecticut from 1937 to 1995. Page two "CT TO TX" is about the Journey leading up to Arlington, TX. Page three "CORKY'S TX"  is the beginning of our Arlington, TX. journey... followed by more pages and information as time evolves in Texas.

Our number in Arlington, TX. is 817-561-CORKYS(2675). We are in Lincoln Court Plaza at 4760 Little Rd.  

We are open from 11 am to 9:00 pm Tue - Thur 11 am to 10:00 pm Fri & Sat. We are Closed Sun & Mon.

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Pizza is everywhere and it's big business. But we're not in it because it's big business. We're in it because Pizza is our Passion and our family
tradition. We're dedicated to Old World Quality and Authenticity which is quite different than the typlcal fast-food American pizza which is
all around us.

We don't bake with a gas or electric deck oven or a conveyer belt oven just because its easier. Fact is: These ovens are for typical fast-food
American pizza baking.

Check out our link entitled "Corky's Why We're Different" for more information. We believe in protecting the integrity and authenticity of our craft.
We offer Truely Authentic "Old World" Italian Neapolitan pizza baked directly on the deck of an open-hearth in a custom-built "Old World
Wood-Fired" Brick Oven just as it began in Naples, Italy back in 1889. This IS the quintessential "Old World Italian Neapolitan Pizza".

Did you know there are thousands of great pizzerias all over the world but the birthplace of this culinary masterpiece is Naples, Italy!
Here's a pizza fact... The very first Pizza was baked in southern Italy more than 400 years ago, to give a different "twist" to traditional bread:
it was made of bread dough, garlic, lard and salt. Only in the mid 1800's did Naples create the "modern pizza" with tomato and mozzarella.

Do you know how the famous "pizza margherita" got its name? In 1889, while visiting Naples, the King of Italy Umberto I and his wife
Queen Margherita were presented a pizza with a touch of fresh ground tomato sauce, mozzarella and fresh basil to symbolize the Italian
flag. The Queen loved it so much that, to this day, the pizza bears her name. Next time you’re in Italy, enjoy a "real" Neapolitan pizza!

Around 1937, my father Corrado (nick-named "Corky" by my uncle Johnny Magaldi), was one of the founders who introduced the art of
Brick Oven Baked "Apizza Napolitana" (hand stretched Neapolitan pizza) baked directly on the open hearth in an authentic Old World
Brick Oven, to Hartford, Connecticut. He was a true pioneer, setting the benchmark for authenticity and "old-world" tradition.

He and my mom owned and operated the original Corky's through the 1940's and 50's in downtown Hartford, CT. Corky's soon became
famous and was "THE" place for Authentic Old World pizza. Although my father was referred to as "The Pizza King" of Hartford County
by the Hartford newspapers, Corky's was a "full service" restaurant.

His menu consisted of appetizers, many pasta dishes, and some chicken, veal and steak dishes. They also had sandwiches and salads as well
as a full bar menu. Towards the latter days of my dad's "Corky's" I hung around as a young boy and learned to love the business. My dad
tought me everything. My dad was a "consummate chef"! He was able to take left-overs from the fridge and prepared a meal "fit for a king".

He was the President of the Connecticut Chef's Association and was the first President to be re-elected for a second term. He is the recipient
of the "Chef of the Year" award as well as many other awards. Towards the late 50's my dad was offered a position as "Executive Chef and
Food Service Director" by one of Hartford County's largest hospitals. He and my mom thought it best to sell the business and accept the offer.

He remained active with the Connecticut Chef's Association and continued to win many awards in the culinary field. My Mom and Dad were
both a tremendous influence in my life. I Love and miss them both.


In the early 70’s, I felt led to open my own Restaurant. In keeping with our family's tradition, I named it Corky's.
We were also located in Hartford County but across the Connecticut River, just a few miles from where my father began.

This Corky’s began as a small 1,500 sq. ft. pizzeria...the left half of the building... as seen in the photograph above.
After a couple of years we expanded to 3,000 sq. ft. utilizing the entire building...also seen in the same photograph. 

After a few more years I purchased the original building as well as several surrounding properties for our final expansion to 8,000 sq. ft.
We employed approximately 45 employees and the menu expanded even more. An arial photograph of this facility is shown below.

This Corky’s was a "full service" restaurant with an eight page menu. Corky’s “famous” Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria, Inc. Our menu
consisted of authentic Italian Neapolitan style pizza, Sicilian style pizza, broccoli pie, spinach pie, calzone, and homemade garlic rolls.
Everything was made fresh to order and baked directly on a firebrick-cooking surface, just as I learned from Dad.

Corky's not only earned a reputation for serving "Authentic Old World Style" Brick Oven Baked delights... but also for serving over fifty
seven home-style dinners from pasta to chicken, veal, shrimp, crab legs, lobster tails etc. Also salads, appetizers, Italian subs, homemade
soups and homemade deserts. Someone once said, "if you have ever had the opportunity to indulge in one of CORKY'S Brick Oven
Baked delights, you will know that it is truly... a little Pizza Heaven!"

In 1995, I retired from the restaurant business and relocated to Southwest Florida.


The picture above is what the Connecticut Corky's looked like when I retired in 1995 and moved to Southwest Florida.

As the years flew by, I became bored with my retirement and began to miss my first love: the restaurant business.
So I put together a plan to return to the time of my life I enjoyed the most.

At this time in my life I"ll keep things simple and fun by opening a small friendly family oriented “Brick Oven Pizzeria”...
similar to the one I first opened in CT in the 70’s. 

The menu will consist of authentic Italian Neapolitan pizza, calzone, stromboli, Fresh Garden salads, a few fresh baked pasta dishes,
appetizers and a dessert or two.

The only difference will be the location. My search for a location began in Naples, Florida where I was living but things were about to
take me on an unexpected journey.

Please click on the link below "CORKY'S CT. TO TX." to follow my journey and for updated information on Corky's "Old World Wood-Fired"
Brick Oven Pizzeria in Texas. 

Thanks... Nick